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Welcome the Inferno Games homepage.
Inferno Games is a home-based, unregistered 'company' that creates Table top games in addition to pen & penpaper game supplements.

All of the content on this page is free to download and view as well as distributing to your friends and family. We here and Inferno Games ask only to be given proper recognition for the hard work we have put into creating and editing a balanced game. At present the games are in .doc form, although I will try to change them to .pdf.
Nathan Rolph
Director, Inferno Games

Update: 29/01/05
The Eldar Expansion has been added and i wont be changing them to .pdf anytime soon! It costs over AU$2000 to purchase the recquired program.

Inferno Games is currently working on:
Revamping the Factions: Core Rulebook to V2 from V1.5

Inferno Games Is Not For Profit

Inferno Games is an unofficial, unliscensed and unregistered 'company' that is home based. It is not affiliated with any registered Inferno Games.